Wendy Goyen

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VP of Human Resources

They don't even know what it is to be a fan.  Y'know?  To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band so much that it hurts. -Fairuza Balk, Almost Famous

Wendy grew up listening to her parents’ extensive record collection, instilling her love of music at an early age.  She graduated from Tarleton State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, and soon thereafter, her love of music led her to start working in the Dallas music scene, promoting local bands, all while working a full-time corporate job.  Raised with a strong work ethic, she worked tirelessly to help spread the word on great Dallas bands she loved.  Eventually, her hard work began paying off, leading to multiple bands requesting her assistance in promoting.  On January 1, 2006, this led to a chance meeting with Taylor Robinson, who asked Wendy to come work for his band Fallen From The Nest and to help them organize the Deep Ellum Community Music Festival.  Held in April 2006, the festival was a huge success.  Wendy had a strange feeling that Taylor Robinson was going to change her life, though she couldn’t explain it.  The pieces fell into place a few weeks later, when she met her husband Richard, through mutual friends surrounding the band.  Richard and Taylor began working together on building TR Music soon after.  Wendy stayed on at her corporate job until a layoff in 2013 gave her the push she needed to follow her dreams of pursuing a career in the music industry.  Her love of music, along with her skills attained from the corporate world, has made her a valuable asset to the team.