Eric Kuhns

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Community Manager

"Life is a melted tootsie roll on a deserted highway." -My Dad

Eric Kuhns is a native Texan and a published author, ("The Very Strange Universe of Doctor Natalia Zeal"). He also writes for his own blog and catalogues various projects on his website: . Additionally, Eric volunteers his time on the Human Rights Day DFW team each year since 2017. Other interests include: skateboarding, acting, traveling with his wife/dogs, video editing, and creating DOPE raps under the name Lil' Dabbledooya.

Eric's career began in retail and marketing/event coordinating. Starting in 2015, he made the switch to customer service and operations/legal management in startups like 5miles App and RumbleOn, as well as assisted in marketing efforts and activation events while securing a deal with the Dallas Mavericks. The culmination of his corporate background and startup experience has led him to Taylor Robinson where he continues to professionally grow today.