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Glenn R.
Glenn R.
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Bass Guitar Lessons, Song Writing Lessons, Guitar Lessons,
Location :In Home - Via Webcam
Distance: Lake Worth, FL
11:00am - 8:00pmBook online
11:00am - 8:00pmBook online
11:00am - 8:00pmBook online
11:00am - 8:00pmBook online
11:00am - 8:00pmBook online

About Me

I am in college right now, to get a degree in music composition. My dream in life is to become a composer for movies. I have been playing bass for close to 7 years now, and it has become a passion of mine. I love playing with almost anyone, and in turn have picked up how to play many styles when it comes to bass. Apart from bass, I find passion in music theory aswell and writing. My hobby (and hopeful job) is composing music. Like the many different styles I play on bass, I also incorporate that in my composing, making what I feel like. Noting that, I believe whether you are teaching bass, guitar, or vocals it is important to also teach theory along side of that, which I plan to do. Other instruments I play are guitar, piano, accordion, bass trombone, tuba, and various percussion instruments.   As a little aside, don't be afraid to take lessons, whether old or yound, don't just pass it off, saying to yourself "it's to hard" or "I'm to dumb to learn it". Everyone doesn't just become a master or even competent when first learn, just give it time. As an ancedote, my first instrument was the tuba, that I learned in middle school with no aspirations for becoming a music major at the time. I was not good in middle school, I could barely read music as well as barely play the tuba. When I got to high school I still was not good, and after a while I relized I had a passion for music, so I decided to just mess around with a free music notepad online, and in doing that it helped me understand music fundamentally and read better than perhaps most of my peers. In this case, reading better also meant playing better to, as it is easier to play when you understand what you are playing. Doing all that set me on the course I'm on today. The point of that story is that learning an instrument and music just takes a little time and a little passion. So don't feel bad when you are not getting it, it is only natural.

Glenn R. has over years of music experience in the Lake Worth area.

Formal Education:

  John I. Leonard   Palm Beach State College

Performing Experience:

I have played in many different bands, from marching bands, to reggae, to folk, to my current alternative rock band.

Experience Teaching:

Teaching off and on. 

Age Group Taught:AdultYoung AdultChild
Genres Taught: JazzRock

Lessons Locations: In HomeVia Webcam

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  • Mon11:00am8:00pm
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  • Thu11:00am8:00pm
  • Fri11:00am8:00pm
  • Satoffoff
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Glenn R. is willing to travel up to a distance of 10 Miles to teach a lesson in your home.
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