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Randall C
Randall C
In Studio
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Orchestral Lessons, Vocal Lessons, Keyboard and Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons,
Location :In Studio - Via Webcam
Distance: Phoenix, AZ
Experience: 20 Years
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About Me

Music had been a part of my life ever since I was child. My mother marched in a band in high school playing saxophone and later before the age of 18 she played piano for a bar in Detroit with a singer named Ronny Wolf while pregnant with me. While growing in her womb I had my first experience with music, and started singing in that same Detroit bar at the age of two. The first song I sang was "Daddy Don t You Walk So Fast" made famous by Wayne Newton. Music became one of the most influential forces of my life.       

In 1978 Pat bought me a trumpet which increased my ability to learn, grow, and socialize in an aggressively mixed up world. I found I did not identify with my peers in school whose social habits lacked the same level of my maturity so I spent more time alone studying music and trying to stay away from drama and trouble. In grade school, I was singing in talent shows without any adult backing. No one had to force me to get on stage. I was fearless, and trying to understand as much as I could about life. At 15 years old I was playing French horn in musicals and an adult symphony pops orchestra. I played all brass instruments except tuba in high school marching and college symphonic bands. As a teenager, I was playing next to elder teachers and adults as a classical trumpet player in community bands, and Trombone in a trombone choir before and into my college years. I was lead soprano (bugle) in the Arizona Musketeers playing jazz, Aaron Copland, and Jethro Tull mixing it up with some of the greatest professional Jazz and classical musicians of the 20th century. The musketeers had one of the greatest managers named Jack Minnick. He will always hold my love and respect. By 1985 My first year of college I was Bass Trombone in the college jazz ensemble and 2nd French Horn in John Thrasher’s Glendale Community College symphonic day band. Doctor Lee Baxter was my trombone teacher and Gary Miles taught me French horn. At this same time, I was playing 3rd Trumpet in the Scottsdale Community College Symphonic night band which I started playing in my junior year of High School. In my spare time, I was playing side gigs for extra money around town and learning from long time professional musicians.      

Randall C has over 20 years of music experience in the Phoenix area.

Formal Education:

Attended Three colleges not for the degree but for the chance to learn as much as I could about performance and brought 14 instruments up to recital level by 1990.

Private Education:

I have had private instruction from John Thrasher - NAU symphony 2nd Trumpet for 19 years. Jimmy Benitez -    Phoenix Symphony Orchestra Trumpeter. Jon Faddis - protege of Dizzy Gilespie. Clark Terry - long time jazz trumpeter. Gary Miles - French Horn. Dr. Baxter - Trombone. Anita Handelsman AKA Anita Right - Alto Saxophone and Clarinet. Bob Mintzer - Tenor Saxophone. Al Grey - Trombone and improv teacher. Tony Vacca - Tenor Saxophone and improv teacher. Reverend Calvin Coolidge Wilson - piano, guitar, and improv teacher who still lives today at the age of 92.

Performing Experience:

100s of gigs since 1986 with in-town people, professionals, and celebrities.     In 1988 I toured with the Star Of Indiana Drum and Bugle Corp in which I aged out because I was now 21. I had terrible grades in high school including math yet in 1989 I acquired an Associate Degree in Specialized Electronics. At the same time with the help of two great human beings who teach: David and Lana Laird I was offered a position and opportunity providing private lessons and helping direct school bands to 60 plus students in a small Arizona town. Only a fraction of the students played brass. The rest of them played woodwinds. To facilitate lessons, I learned woodwinds up to college level in order to teach, wanting to instill the love of music into others I felt as a child. I continued teaching/ playing music privately for many years and found a martial arts master with a PH. D in psychology who trained me in philosophy starting back in 1998. This instructor trained me on how to avoid fighting and focus more on learning skills to better myself. From 1992 to 2004 I was a dedicated musician, sharpening my skills to play with well-known celebrity groups while still playing in the colleges and other schools to encourage others to pursue music and better their lives. 

Experience Teaching:

TO BE ABLE TO DEMONTRATE I ONLY TEACH INSTRUMENTS I OWN AT THIS TIME. I OWN AND CAN TEACH UP TO PROFESSIONAL LEVEL THE FOLLOWING: TROMBONE, TRUMPET, BASS TRUMPET, BARITONE, EUPHONIUM, FRENCH HORN, SOPRANO SAX, ALTO SAX, TENOR SAX, CLARINET, FLUTE, AND VOICE. I OWN AND CAN TEACH UP TO INTERMEDIATE LEVEL THE FOLLOWING: KEY BOARD, CLASSICAL GUITAR, ELECTRIC GUITAR, STEAL STRING GUITAR, and VOICE. This includes all maintenance issues since I worked with a instrument repairman for a few years. I have also taught Bassoon, Oboe, English Horn, Alto, and Bass Clarinet, Baroque Recorder, Irish flute/penny whistle, Alto flute, and Bass Flute. Beginning in 1989 I taught at a Bizar Guitar Store francise in Cave Creek Arizona receiving students from three schools who had no one in town except me to teach. this was for two years. I didn t teach again until 2000 when I took on not only students of music but martial arts students. These students ranged from Police officers, victums of crime, and grade school students. This continued until 2006 when the injury I had around 2004 began to effect my work. The injury was to my head and the rehablilitaion would take many years to over come motor skill problems and focus issues. I had to take time off for the next two years from work and I went through rehabilitation which kept me from teaching until now. Between 2008 and 2016 I took jobs in Security while working side gigs. My first student after a long rehabilitation was in 2014. I was motivated to teach her Alto Saxophone and breathing techniques to fix what I saw as a developing health issue even her mother did not see coming.    Unfortunately she passed away on 02-10-2015 at the young age of 13 years old. I found it very hard to continue looking for students but students found me and I can never turn away from someone who needs my help.

Age Group Taught:AdultYoung AdultChild
Genres Taught: CountryClassicalJazzBluesRockAcoustic

Lessons Locations: In StudioVia Webcam

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