Music Lessons in Charleston

The oldest city in South Carolina, Charleston (first named Charles Towne after King Charles II of England before the United States gained their independence) has a strong sense of historical preservation in its culture, architecture, and by the distinguished politeness and manners of its citizens. Historically, Charleston served as a major port for the South and served as the powder keg that ignited the Civil War, which damaged the economy (of which the slave trade was an important part) greatly.  Charleston had long had a national military presence, but it was strengthened during the post-war Reconstruction period. Further damaging Charleston would be a massive earthquake in the year 1886 which would send the city into decline for nearly one hundred years, until a passionate mayor name Joseph P. Riley Jr. helped begin a major revitalization project in Charleston in the 1970s.  Riley found Charleston’s rich and unique culture (displaying a blend of English, French, West African, and Southern influences) worthy of not only preservation but also renewal and a continuation of the things that have made Charleston great throughout its storied past.  TR Music & Voice Lessons is proud to have an eclectic roster of top-notch musicians and instructors in Charleston, and they are ready to teach you the lessons you’ve been wanting for the advancement of YOUR story!

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