Music Lessons in Dayton

While Dayton might be overlooked in favor of its larger neighbors (Cincinnati, Columbus, and Indianapolis) in a crowded area of the Midwest, the Greater Dayton metropolitan area has a strong up-and-coming economy, is a great place to live, and also offers great music lessons for its residents.  Dayton is a city of flight, as the Wright brothers discovered powered flight here.  That ingenious tradition of flight and invention continues today at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and in many locally-operated companies that do research and development in aerospace engineering and defense technology. In addition to its strong economy, Dayton also ranks among the nation’s top arts and culture destinations.  Various locales and groups within the city regularly showcase fine music, dance, theater, and art.  Dayton is a great place to be, and TR Music & Voice Lessons is happy to have great local instructors ready to meet your music needs!


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