Music Lessons in Fort Collins

Fort Collins is Denver’s fun sibling to the north and a Rocky Mountain paradise that is a haven for great music and top-quality music lessons!  Originally founded as an Army outpost, the number of settlers that arrived nearly instantly grew Fort Collins into a considerable city in a short amount of time.  Colorado State University is located here and is one of the resources within Fort Collins that produces its fine instructors for music lessons, as the combination of education and passion for the arts is a great key to success for aspiring musicians wishing to take advantage of quality music lessons. The iconic “American” look of Fort Collins helped inspire the design of Main Street USA, the area inside the main entrance of most of the Disney-theme parks around the world. A vibrant college town, Fort Collins celebrates its young residents with a multitude of breweries & eateries and a strong love for the Fine Arts, making it an ideal Western locale for top quality music lessons.

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3568 S College  Ave #120  Fort Collins  CO  80525
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