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Christopher Nov.-

Christopher Nov.-

TRMC Certified
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Dallas TX

Guitar Lessons, Bass Guitar Lessons, Drum Lessons, Vocal Lessons, Song Writing Lessons

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20 Years

About Me
Christopher is a professional musician & broadcast professional. He has composed themes and soundtracks for many podcasts. In addition to composing music for podcasts, he host and produces 3 of his own. While growing up as a 'punk rock kid' (Fugazi is still his favorite band), Chris now specializes in adapting music from classic video games (Sonic, Mario, Legend Of Zelda, Mega Man, Final Fantasy) to the electric guitar, pairing those arrangements with his signature "Game Boy Of Doom" fuzz guitar tone that makes his guitar sound like an NES plugged into a Marshall Stack. He has been playing guitar and bass for 20 years & has taught lessons for 7 years. When not doing a radio show or podcast, Chris can often be found filling in on lead guitar for bands all over the DFW metroplex. If you're looking to learn the fundamentals of guitar in a theory-driven but practical and fun way, take your lead guitar playing to the next level, or polish your spoken vocal performance, Chris is the perfect instructor for you.

Christopher Nov.- has over 20 years of music experience in the Dallas area.

Christopher Nov.- is proficient in and teaches Guitar Lessons, Bass Guitar Lessons, Drum Lessons, Vocal Lessons, Song Writing Lessons .

Degree and Field of Study:

B.A. English CompositionJanuary 2009
University Of North Texas

What to expect in my Vocal Lessons

Beginner - Intermediate

I will work with you to hone your spoken performance with an emphasis on clarity, structure, tone, and cadence. We'll go over the mechanics of solid public speaking. Whether it's improving your sermon, enhancing your podcast/radio performance, working out idiosyncracies in your speech, I'm here to help with a decade of experience in the industry.

What to expect in my Record Engineer Produce

Beginner - Intermediate

I will teach you the basic fundamentals of how to engineer & produce your own music and/or podcasts through the music editing program, "GarageBand"

What to expect in my Guitar Lessons

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

My guitar teaching method focuses heavily on proper mechanics. Initial lessons will emphasize proper posture & mechanics before we begin to look at things like music theory & learning your favorite songs. After that, students can expect to learn music theory, how to play their favorite songs, and will learn the music theory behind their favorite songs.

Formal Education:

B.A. in English from University of North Texas

Private Education:

4 Years of Private Lessons

Performing Experience:

Chris has played with a wide range of musical acts across the DFW Metroplex. He has composed themes and soundtracks for many podcasts, including "Matt Lewis & The News," "What A Manuever!!!," "My History Can Beat Up Your Politics," "Shake Them Ropes," "Vices," and "The Presidents."

Experience Teaching:


Age Group Taught:
  • Young Adult Adult Child
Genres Taught:
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Acoustic
Lessons Locations:
  • Your Home
  • Teacher 's Studio
  • Webcam
Day Start Time End Time
  • Mon 11:00am 3:00pm
  • Tue 11:00am 3:00pm
  • Wed 11:00am 3:00pm
  • Thu 11:00am 3:00pm
  • Fri 11:00am 3:00pm
  • Sat off off
  • Sun 11:00am 8:00pm
Christopher Nov.- is willing to travel up to a distance of 6 Miles to teach a lesson in your home.
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