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Ali J.
Ali J.
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Guitar Lessons,
Location :In Studio - In Home - Via Webcam
Distance: Seattle, WA
Experience: 5 Years
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About Me

Arshia – Acoustic and Electric Guitar instructor. It was at age 3 when I first sat behind a piano, and it was at age 5 that I could read very basic notes, basically before I could read or write in any language. When I was 8 I decided I wanted to start on an instrument of my own choice. Violin was the mesmerizing instrument that caught my attention. For 7 years I studied the violin under Prof. Jaafarizadeh’s supervision. Having a mixture of studies in both classical music and Iran’s traditional music, it was time for me to take my studies in music a little more serious. It was at 15 that I started studying musical theory under Mohammad Mohseni’s tutoring, and started playing the Electrical Guitar. Ever since then, my guitars have been my friends through many experiences, such as: * Co-founding Megaphonia rock band * Co-founding Rad artistic group * Composition of music for Rad’s 2 hour musical piece: Cubes (Directed by Ardalan Abbasi) * Composition and recording of the album “Land of the Untold” (which is getting prepared to be released in late 2016/early 2017) In addition, Although, as for my higher education, I was accepted to Sharif University of Technology’s Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s degree program, which was an extra-ordinary experience, giving me several opportunities such as meeting and participating in Professor Mashayekhi’s Harmony and Fugue classes. Having fallen in love with my instrument, I always had a passion for teaching what I had learnt, a combination of methods and personal style that is formed in a performer in years of practice. I had the best time teaching the Electric and Acoustic guitar for over 4 years in different complexes such as Hani and Sharif University Shahid Rezayi center for arts and culture, helping my students engage with their instrument, and expanding their general knowledge of musical theory in between lessons. I am passionate about what I do, and I would love to have students who feel the same way.

Ali J. has over 5 years of music experience in the Seattle area.

Formal Education:

I have a bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering and am currently studying Computer Science.

Private Education:

I started my musical education when I was 4, and I could read notes before the alphabet. Piano and violin both helped me develop my musical theory knowledge, and I've kept up my studies, to a point that I can teach music theory from basic to intermediate (harmony-forms and etc).

Performing Experience:

I had numerous performances in places such as: Molavi Theatre, Hafez Theatre, Jam e Jam complex, University of Tehran college of liberal Arts, Sharif University of Technology and etc. with the bands Rad. Megaphonia and a couple of duets and solo-guitar performances. Solo performances in various festivals including solo performances in Sharif Music Festival (2-2014) and band performance Sharif Music Festival 2014-Tehran University festival of Young Musicians and etc. Solo performance at Eisemann Center during Aram Art's Anniversary(the most recent)-Guitar Duo at SMU main hall (March 2016). Composition of music for Family (Directed by: Amir Ebadi)-Raghs’e Madian’ha (Directed by: Amirhooshang Navaei)-Half Hat (Directed by: Mohsen Negini)-Necrosis (Directed by: Ardalan Abbasi)-The Story of the Panda Bears, told by a Saxophonist who has a Girlfriend in Frankfurt (Directed by: Amirhooshang Navaei) (w/ Aslan Noorghasemi)

Experience Teaching:

Electric and Acoustic Guitar instructor Sharif University of Technology, Shahid Rezayi Arts and Culture center – Tehran. October 2011 to July 2015 Electrical guitar and acoustic guitar Instructor Hani education complex, tehran, iran 2012 to 2015 Electric and Acoustic guitar instructor Private Clients 2010 to 2015 Music Theory instructor Private Clients 2010 to 2015

Degree and Field of Study:

Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor's)October 2011
Sharif University of Technology

What to expect in my guitar lessons:

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced
First of all, we would have to establish where you are in the learning process. Have you just touched your instrument? Or have you been playing with it for a while? Each class would be different for every individual, because everyone has different styles and tastes and methods to help them learn better, but as a general note: If it is your first time. expect something a little like this. We will have a friendly chat about ourselves, why you chose the instrument and how you wanna play it. Then we will go through the instrument itself (body parts-how it should be held and etc), and right in the first class we will be able to finish the class with 4-5 chords that you play, which I will accompany with a melody. We will keep this method up till the day you will be playing the melodies ;). We will start from there, and go onto basic lessons and practices that everyone hates but has to be done ! Meanwhile in each lesson, we will continue the chord-melody-accompanimant. If you are an intermediate student, we will have to establish what you have learnt before, so that we can pick it up from there, or you would want to change your style which would be completely fine by me (and which might be the reason you changed instructors hey!). But it would be perfect that you have some knowledge coming in. Basically, we will continue to make you better until you reach whatever it is you want to reach in Guitar. If you are an advanced student, there's not much I can say because I would have to know what you've played and how you're playing now and etc. to decide what to do from there.

Age Group Taught:AdultYoung AdultChild
Genres Taught: ClassicalRockAcoustic

Lessons Locations: In StudioIn HomeVia Webcam

DayStart TimeEnd Time
  • Mon11:00am8:00pm
  • Tue11:00am8:00pm
  • Wed11:00am8:00pm
  • Thu11:00am8:00pm
  • Fri11:00am8:00pm
  • Sat11:00am5:00pm
  • Sun11:30am5:00pm
Ali J. is willing to travel up to a distance of 10 Miles to teach a lesson in your home.
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