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Vincent H
Vincent H
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Song Writing Lessons, Vocal Lessons, Guitar Lessons,
Location :In Studio - In Home - Via Webcam
Distance: Fort Pierce, FL
Experience: 1.5 Years
7:00am - 11:00pmBook online
7:00am - 11:00pmBook online
7:00am - 11:00pmBook online
7:00am - 11:00pmBook online
7:00am - 11:00pmBook online
7:00am - 11:00pmBook online
7:00am - 11:00pmBook online

About Me

My inspiriation for my teaching methods come from a mixture of personal experience and watching the instructors such as Mathew Boswell who taught me and emulating them; my teaching methods themselves however have been built on advice from lifetime teachers and experimentation with my students to see what has gotten the best result. I teach them with a very hands on fashion, I walk them through how to play their lessons while taking it in depth as to what their doing behind the scenes. I never overplay them however and encourage them to ask questions while keeping an eye out for things they may not understand; homework is a must and is expected and if, for some circumstances, praticing is not possible then I have made workarounds and extra off the book hours with them to make sure they have the tools they need in order to play their instruments.    Many of my musical influences come from famous key west style players and it gives my own music a whimsical, laid back tone. I feel this helps me connect better with my students as many have told me I'm very approchable. 

Vincent H has over 1.5 years of music experience in the Fort Pierce area.

Formal Education:

I have an Associates in Arts in Music Theory and I've studied under Dr. Halaas in Music Production and Engineering for some time. 

Private Education:

Independant Vocal and Guitar Lessons

Performing Experience:

I've preformed at multiple private school chiors as well as musical entertainment gigs at soup kitchens; I've worked in a musical theatre as well. In addition to that I've done preformances with christian choir groups and I attend regular open mic nights.

Experience Teaching:

I've taught at a two music schools teaching music theory, guitar theory, sound theory, vocal theory as well as pratical application and specialized techniques and genre's for my advanced students. By the time they have finished their basic coursework, my students are able to hold a large understanding of what their instrument does and how to properly play it. While working under Dr. Halaas, I also had the oppertunity to assist with his students.

Age Group Taught:AdultYoung AdultChild
Genres Taught: CountryRockAcousticChristian

Lessons Locations: In StudioIn HomeVia Webcam

DayStart TimeEnd Time
  • Mon7:00am11:00pm
  • Tue7:00am11:00pm
  • Wed7:00am11:00pm
  • Thu7:00am11:00pm
  • Fri7:00am11:00pm
  • Sat7:00am11:00pm
  • Sun7:00am11:00pm
Vincent H is willing to travel up to a distance of 100 Miles to teach a lesson in your home.


"Vincent is one of the best vocal and guitar teachers I have personally met. He teaches gently but with a firm hand. Recently he helped me develope my own vocal range further. He is excellent in one on one lessons." Raelynn wrote at Tuesday, Dec. 13th 2016

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