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Danny K.
Danny K.
In Studio
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Guitar Lessons,
Location :In Studio - In Home
Distance: Chicago, IL
Experience: 12 Years
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About Me

My name is Danny, I have always been learning an instrument of some sort ever since I was little. My first instrument was the piano, but soon I realized it was not for me. I ended up trying out numerous other instruments such as the clarinet, flute, and drums. Since my brother was learning how to play the bass guitar, it was natural for my mom to suggest the guitar for me. I was about 9 and thankfully, it was the one for me. I have been given lessons but also am self taught. My specialty with the guitar is playing rock or metal music and I am confident to be able to teach it in excellence. Professionaly, I have been in a band in the past and we played in a venue downtown, also I was about 13 at the time. I also have played in churches a few time as well. From the end of November last year, I have joined a local band and started playing shows at a rate of 1 to 2 performances each month.  My lesson plan will depend on the student. I will teach very formally and the speed or the progress will be adjusted according to the students playing in order to teach correctly from beginning to finish. For an example, if the student is having a hard time playing a single note, I will not move on to teach a riff or a part of a song that includes chord progressions that might be difficult and frustrating for the student. Also, I will prepare myself as well for each of the lesson accordingly, to ensure a great and effective guitar lesson.  I look forward to all my students! :) Best, Danny

Danny K. has over 12 years of music experience in the Chicago area.

Formal Education:

Many one on one lessons, a few music classes such as aural skills and music theory in school, and plan on minoring in music.

Performing Experience:

Played a show in downtown Chicago, played in front of hundreds of crowds at church, played in front of guests on holidays in the past. Update: I am in a band now and we play about 1 to 2 shows each month.

Experience Teaching:

I have taught some of my friends how to play the guitar, and inspired them musically.

Age Group Taught:AdultYoung AdultChild
Genres Taught: Rock

Lessons Locations: In StudioIn Home

DayStart TimeEnd Time
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  • Tue1:00pm10:30pm
  • Wed3:00pm9:30pm
  • Thu12:00pm11:00pm
  • Fri10:00am10:30pm
  • Sat10:00am10:30pm
  • Sun10:00am10:00pm
Danny K. is willing to travel up to a distance of 15 Miles to teach a lesson in your home.
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