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Record Engineer Produce, Song Writing Lessons, Vocal Lessons, Keyboard and Piano Lessons,

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About Me

Successfully taught vocal lessons and music theory lessons for the past six years. Started off by working with small music firms and doing at home private lessons as well as Skype lessons. Eventually began working with bigger record labels such as Def Jam Records and Roc Nation and became associated with Universal Music Group. Extremely dedicated to making sure an artist succeeds and understands fundamental concepts and how they work. Very patient as everyone learns at a different pace and style. Holds no bias to any form of music, appreciates all forms of music, and am a multi-talented teacher. Never too old to learn something new. Do my best to make it a positive environment and fun to learn music. Works well with all ages. Adaptable to all personalities through teaching encounters. Always able to capture students and get them emotionally connected to their music and their dreams.

Troy M has over 6 years of music experience in the The Colony area.

Troy M is proficient in and teaches Record Engineer Produce, Song Writing Lessons, Vocal Lessons, Keyboard and Piano Lessons, .

Formal Education:

Professional Teaching Experience:   Marc Williams Management (Parent Company of Roc Nation):          -    Completed/responsible for vocal lessons, music theory lessons, and music composition lessons -     Responsible for all talent assigned to me -     Worked with talent twice a day Monday through Friday                   Six Talent Promotions LLC (Parent Company of Def Jam Records):  -       Groomed new arriving talent -       Extensive vocal and music theory training -       Worked one on one daily with multiple talents -       Responsible for assessing strengths and weaknesses in students -       Created practice schedules and homework for vocal training and music theory -       Would work with up to five plus talents a day -       Responsible for producing music, ghost-writing and assisted song writing            Emmanuel Okolo (Private Student):          -      Completed three private vocal lessons a week in home and Skype -      Taught music theory and music composition using piano

Performing Experience:

Worked aside performance artists under Universal Music Group

Experience Teaching:

Have taught music theory, music composition and vocal lessons for six years to all age groups over Skype, in their private homes, and in their private studios. 

Age Group Taught:
  • Adult
  • Young Adult
  • Child
Genres Taught:
  • Country
  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Acoustic
  • Christian
Lessons Locations:
  • In Home
  • Via Webcam
Day Start Time End Time
  • Mon 7:00am 11:00pm
  • Tue 7:00am 11:00pm
  • Wed 7:00am 11:00pm
  • Thu 7:00am 11:00pm
  • Fri 7:00am 11:00pm
  • Sat 7:00am 11:00pm
  • Sun 7:00am 11:00pm
Troy M is willing to travel up to a distance of 30 Miles to teach a lesson in your home.

Troy is amazing!

"Troy has been working with my daughter only afew weeks, but I can already see progress. I am excited to continue working with him." wrote at Saturday, Feb. 23rd 2019

5 stars for Troy

"I would say that Tory is one of the best instructors I've ever had. In just three lessons I have learned so much more than years with other teachers. He challenges me and helps grow my confidence. Also an awesome human being in general. " wrote at Friday, Feb. 15th 2019

Advantagious qualities of teaching!

"Have had a great experience the past few months learning how to draw/paint! Always excited to see what lies ahead with his guidance. Very good with teaching more than just the subject matter but inspirational in applying so. Always eager to see what I'm gonna be taught next. " wrote at Saturday, Jan. 19th 2019

Troy is the best!

"Troy is the best! We love working with him!" wrote at Wednesday, Jan. 09th 2019

Life changing

"Troy is the G.O.A.T.! He has helped me with so much and has taught me things I never thought I would be able to do! If you're reading this, you seriously need to book a session with him! He’s not a regular teacher - he’s so much more than that!! I swear he’s magic, don’t know how he does it!!" Jarvis wrote at Monday, Oct. 15th 2018

I found home!

"My teacher gives me confidence to progress and stop me and fix me when he needs to. That's what I and every artist needs Plus it's amazing working with such a talent, no seriously, check out his bio." Kiara Balthazar wrote at Sunday, Oct. 07th 2018

Barbara Anderson, MOM

"My daughter loves her lessons with Troy! Actually, we both do because I take notes during the lesson. Hearing my daughter's voice is heavenly to me. Troy has taught her the fundamentals and guidelines that will help her entertain and bless others throughout her life. " Barbara Anderson wrote at Friday, Sep. 21st 2018

First lesson ever had

"I’m so excited about my upcoming lessons. The first one was amazing I’ve always loved to sing and I want to maybe start using my voice to help me out monetarily and just be precise and completely confident in my vocal abilities. Troy has shown me that he is perfect for helping me out with this. The first session he just went over the basics and I’ve already learned so much!" Denisha wrote at Friday, Sep. 14th 2018

Terrific w Toddlers

"Yesterday was my 3 year old daughter's first piano lesson and it was wonderful. Mr. Troy was very patient and calm if you can imagine working with the energy and attention of a 3 yr old. I was impressed with how he was able to communicate the first concepts to her on a level that she understood as well as myself. He's very personable and didn't rush the process. Very excited to continue working with Mr. Troy!!!!" Crystal Cormier wrote at Friday, Sep. 14th 2018

Wonderful Experience

"Very unique, useful, passionate and skillful. I am excited to keep working with Troy, and recommend him to anyone who wants to see their music take on a whole new shape." Anastasia wrote at Sunday, Sep. 02nd 2018


"I wanted a teacher to provide me with not only skills on how to sing but on how to apply singing. Troy not only met that but exceeded my expectations. I look forward to continuing lessons and picking his brain for as much as I can learn. A perfect choice in either advanced lessons and beginner lessons. Especially since he has knowledge beyond singing you can learn from." Jeff wrote at Tuesday, Aug. 28th 2018

Troy is such a HUGE Blessing!!

"Like others have stated, I really cannot say enough good things about Troy. I was looking for a voice coach for my 18 year old daughter who was getting ready to audition for the UNT choir. She was very nervous and has a medical condition that sometimes effects her memory. I was concerned because we dont have a piano only a keyboard. Troy assured me that he could help and he was Right!! My daughter learned so much in the first hour lesson with him. Things she never learned in her past six years of choir, including Honors Choir in High School. He is a plethora of information as well as great at sharing many tools, and details about technique that really helped my daughter feel confident in herself. He truly is like a magician with his abilities to present and teach information and encourage as well. He has been fun for her to work with and she has learned so much in just her first two lessons! He even caught an error in the sheet music we were using that was a Huge big saver!! She had her audition today and did really well and we will continue the lessons with Troy in the future! We are very excited to see where she grows and develops with her passion for music and Troy is a definite asset to our journey." Daisy Williams wrote at Friday, Aug. 24th 2018


"Very good. My daughter love voice lesson from Taylor Robinson ." Luba wrote at Sunday, Aug. 12th 2018

Phenominal Music Teacher

"Troy's mastery in music is incredible. His passion for music comes out in his teaching style. He hits the ground running and weaves lessons on music theory and structure with hands on practical techniques. I never thought that after just one lesson I would have both hands working on the keyboard together. I know he teaches a lot of kids, but I highly recommend him for adults that have always wanted to learn piano but never had time. He will get you playing quickly with the confidence that you can take sheet music and solve the notes and start playing the song, bar by bar." Ann Dyer wrote at Tuesday, Aug. 07th 2018

Wish I would have found him sooner!!!

"I've struggled with Music and Art my whole life. This guy comes along and shows me techniques that dramatically change the way I've done things. I'm inspired to pursue my career again in digital media. Thank you, Taylor Robinson I would recommend this guy to everyone!." Jacob M. wrote at Wednesday, Jul. 11th 2018


"My girls have always had natural talent, then Troy came along and ???? boom over night they seemed to bloom. He is encouraging, challenging and fun to be with. Thank you Troy for all you do. " Robbin Baughman wrote at Saturday, Jun. 16th 2018

Can't say enough good things about Troy!

"After our first lesson I think our whole family is impressed with Troy. Just seemed to have a similar style to us as parents and the kids responded in tune. Informed us, asked pointed questions, then formed a plan and gave direction as to why he was going in the direction he was. Just all around worked well for our kids. " Justin wrote at Saturday, Jun. 16th 2018

Very technical

"Helped me understand music theory and how your vocals should match the pitch of the piano keys. We also sing present day songs and try to put them in key. He also taught me a new app to that identifies if your voice is in the correct pitch." Benjamin wrote at Friday, Jun. 08th 2018


"" Natalie Dean wrote at Monday, Apr. 09th 2018

Voice Lessons, Music Theory, Piano Lessons

"Taking lessons with Troy has helped to boost my confidence an self-esteem. Troy is an excellent Teacher who has helped me to understand music in a different light. This is definitely another level and Troy is out of this world! I would recommend him to everyone who is seeking a one-on-one coach who not only is proficient in the knowledge of what he is teaching but also cares enough to see his students get better than how they started." Tashai Houston wrote at Monday, Mar. 05th 2018


"We originally booked a lesson with a different instructor as a tester to see how this would work. That instructor ended up not being available and a rep for Taylor Robinson recommended Troy. We are so grateful! Troy is excellent! He has the ideal balance of knowledge and coolness an was able to "get" my daughter in the first 30 mins. There is no time waste during the lesson an yet he keeps it fun an interactive. My daughter loves her lessons!" Lilly Rodriguez wrote at Monday, Feb. 19th 2018

Troy is awesome!!!

"Troy is Awesome. My daughter absolutely loves her voice lessons with him. So glad we chose him!!!" Jennifer Ahlborn wrote at Thursday, Feb. 08th 2018

Best Decision Ever

"Troy has been excellent for both my daughter, who has been singing forever and my son, who wasn't sure about all of this. We have been impressed with his rapport with the kids and how fast they are improving. We are even doing piano lessons because we see the value in the way he teaches. Would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn an grow in a fun way. " Christie Gooden Magee wrote at Wednesday, Jan. 24th 2018

Best Music and Art Teacher in Texas

"I have been through an booked very many art and music teachers over the course of the last three years. Not once have they come to the knowledge level or capability of Troy. My children are learning an actually stay interested an excited for more lessons. I even feel like I am learning. They are able to sing now, they are able to play piano now, they are able to draw, and to read sheet music which blows me away. I would strongly recommend Troy before you go anywhere else. He is a magnificent teacher. He is, from my view an what I have been through prior-the BEST teacher in the business. He cares about children, the quality of their learning an has stayed over many many times to make sure my children are succeeding. He is critical but gentle. He doesn't lie to my children but he is understanding and motivating. My children are more creative, they are more confident now, they're not as shy as they once were. I definitely contribute a lot of that to the teaching and motivation Troy gives to us. " Proud Mother of 2- Very satisfied customer! wrote at Wednesday, Jan. 17th 2018

My voice is getting stronger

"I always knew how to sing. But Troy helped me to awaken my voice even more to sing the way I want to. Great Thanks. " Keith b. wrote at Sunday, Dec. 10th 2017

The Magician of Music

"My 14 year old son didn’t have anything to do with voice lessons at first. We end up in an argument! It was a bad experience from previous music instructor. I just know my son loves music and dedicated to learn on anything. I found Troy here Taylor Robinson. Troy’s teaching is unique and he made it fun for my son. He keeps his interested and challenge and the same time learning fundamentals. Now my son looking forward every week for his voice, and learn to write a lyrics. " Sherwin Dimas wrote at Tuesday, Dec. 05th 2017

The Best Instructor for My son

"My son won't sing for anyone not even me except Troy, I am happy for the relationship he has built with him." Carnetha wrote at Wednesday, Nov. 15th 2017

Beyond Satisfied!!!

"Troy is a wonderful teacher!!! He has guided my daughter to discover just how significant her innate gift is. She sings more and her confidence level has shifted upwards tremendously!! Troy is professional and very knowledgeable...we are always pleased with his services and will recommend him to anyone that's looking to take their career or music interest to another level." Paradise Mother wrote at Friday, Oct. 20th 2017

Troy is wonderful!

"Troy is teaching our 10 and 11 year old daughters who have both been in piano lessons at least 2 years plus prior to having lessons with him. They are happier and more excited about piano than they have ever been. He's teaching the to truly love and appreciate music rather than feeling forced to play some kid song out of a book. Troy has a deep passion and expansive knowledge of music and it shows in how he plays, teaches, and how speaks about music. He's very great with our kids and they look forward to his visit every week. " Atchley Family wrote at Friday, Oct. 13th 2017

Amazing First Lesson

"My 5yo daughter has taken piano for a little over a year and the lessons were almost excruciating...all of her initial excitement had totally worn off and she begged to quit even though we know she LOVES music and singing and talks about playing instruments often. I was convinced we just hadn't found the right instructor yet. So tonight, we had our very first lesson with Mr. Troy and it was inspiring, to say the least. Troy knows music, but more importantly, he knows kids. He is the first of 4 to see to get through to her. She even smiled once. We're looking forward to more lessons and building confidence in something we feel is already a passion for our daughter!" Kristi wrote at Sunday, Oct. 01st 2017


"Troy is teaching my 7 and 14 year old daughters both singing and piano. I am impressed by not only what he teaches but HOW he teaches it! He is able to keep the 7 year old on task and keep the 14 year old excited about learning! Thank you for the music you bring to our home!!" Danyelle wrote at Tuesday, Sep. 26th 2017

First Lesson with Troy

"Troy is teaching my 9 and 15 year olds with piano and vocals. Both my kids were raving about him after the lesson and actually started practicing on their own. He has a very engaging teaching style and we look forward to working with him." Murtaza Mohammad wrote at Friday, Sep. 22nd 2017

Troy is The Best!!

"My daughter has been takin lessons with a Troy for about a month now, and he has been outstanding!! He's getting her to think bigger, dream bigger, and sing bigger. Great voice coach and then some! Thank you Troy." Justin Masters wrote at Tuesday, Sep. 19th 2017

Great choice!

"My singing has improved dramatically in just a few lessons. Troy is great at pushing my boundaries and making me a better artist." Savannah wrote at Wednesday, Sep. 06th 2017

Art Lessons

"Troy is the best. A Jack of all trades. Troy has been teaching by son music engineer for some time. He is now teaching my daughter how to draw. Troy is a excellent artist. Troy has reached her! He has been the first teacher to connect with her. When my daughter masters art she will continued to take lessons in photography as well with Troy. " Lisa Pennington wrote at Friday, Sep. 01st 2017


"Troy is a phenomenal teacher to my 10 year old son. He teaches in a conversational way and makes each lesson into a fun adventure. Troy has a gift for working with students and balances praise with constructive feedback very well. My son has learned Advanced songs, how to write music, and the map of the piano in 3 months." Valerie R. wrote at Monday, Aug. 28th 2017


"My 11yo daughter loves music again! Troy has encouraged HER voice and opened the doors of education towards piano and voice she has never been shown. His 'out of the box' approach works. Very excited to see what the next few months will reveal!!" Jennifer S wrote at Wednesday, Aug. 16th 2017

The Coolest

"Troy has helped me build confidence in only three lessons. He's the best!" Jacob Tobey wrote at Monday, Aug. 14th 2017

Impressive Beginning

"Troy has only met with our son three times and the results have been inspiring. He has a gift of finding the real talent and drawing it out. He really knows sound production and is a great coach. Very pleased. And he is extremely good with our son." Mark Tobey wrote at Sunday, Aug. 13th 2017

True professional

"My 6 yo has taken piano lessons before but was never inspired to really practice or play. Troy is a true master and really understands the craft of teaching and is able to customize the way he teaches to each child's individual's needs. I wish I had time to take lessons from him too." Soccer mom wrote at Saturday, Jul. 15th 2017

First impression

"Troy was wonderful. He assessed my voice then let me know what I was doing wrong and he didn't me feel bad about it. He shared his own experiences to make me feel like it wasn't just me. He also taught me some techniques to help improve my voice. He's great for someone who's a beginner like me. " Leeonni Long wrote at Saturday, Jun. 10th 2017

Troy is amazing

"Troy is wonderful. He's passionate and very focused. We are very happy with him. My 9 year old daughter loves working with him. " Christel Van der Westhuizen wrote at Tuesday, May. 23rd 2017

Best Lesson I've Ever Had

"I was anxiously anticipating my 1st lesson with Troy. The day finally arrived. Troy shared so much musical knowledge with me that no one ever has. I've always wanted to know music and not just play music. I can tell with Troy, I will learn a lot. I truly feel that I will now be able to fulfill my dream of learning the language of music. Troy is very professional. He is just as excited to teach me as I am to learn. I am looking forward to our next session. " Wan Coltrane wrote at Wednesday, May. 17th 2017

First lesson, First impression

"After just one lesson, the kids are definitely excited about taking lessons from Troy. His patience and taking the time to explain why he is teaching a certain method really engages the kids. I have a 7 and 12 year old and I like how Troy encourages them to help each other during practice. We are looking forward to more classes in the future! " Brenda Schmidt wrote at Tuesday, May. 16th 2017

It's soooo worth trying Troy!

"I was a little hesitant about lessons via webcam at first, but to have this top notch instructor available with the click of a button is soooo worth it! Troy contacted me right away to find out our goals for my daughter's lessons/singing and then explained his teaching methods, and I immediately felt we were in very capable hands. My daughter enjoys Troy so much and has learned an immense amount of music theory, a little piano, and gotten so much better at a piece she is working on for an audition, in a VERY short amount of time (3 lessons so far). He worked her into his schedule so she could get as many lessons in as possible prior to auditioning. The thing she enjoys most about him is that he explains things so thoroughly and in a way she understands and catches onto quickly and she is very comfortable with him. We will definitely continue lessons even after her audition is over. I highly recommend Troy! You won't be disappointed!!" Mary Moten wrote at Saturday, May. 13th 2017

First time lesson

"Troy is a great teacher and really has inspired me to learn not just piano, but music in general. I'm really impressed with his knowledge and look forward to having more lessons. " Tommy wrote at Friday, May. 12th 2017

Awesome experience!!

"Today was a dream come true for me! I have always wanted voice lessons and my first class with Troy was awesome! Immediately I understood why he was an instructor! He made me want to try harder and study more! Hoping to make him proud as his new student! " Jess wrote at Friday, May. 12th 2017

Troy is Amazing!!!!

"Troy is amazing we are so happy with the service and looking forward to continuing." Andrea P wrote at Sunday, Apr. 23rd 2017

Mr. Troy is wonderful

"We have a very energetic, bouncing off the walls 7-year-old son and we were so lucky that we were paired up with Troy. He is so patient with our son and works with his personality to ensure he is successful. In just a few lessons, we have seen our son improve and really start to understand and develop a true passion for singing. Troy's own passion for music shines through in his teaching and we love having him here each week! " Cox Family wrote at Saturday, Apr. 22nd 2017

Troy is a very good teacher

"Troy has been teaching my 5 year old and she is improving week by week. " Aparna levan wrote at Tuesday, Apr. 18th 2017

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