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How Much Will I Be Paid?

On average, Taylor Robinson Music students pay $45 per hour. Of this, our average instructor makes $33 per hour.

Do you travel to your students? Set your own travel radius and get $10 extra per lesson

Keep your renewal rate over 66% and get $5 added to your hourly pay. A renewal is when a current student purchases additional lessons

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Students will be able to book lessons with you at their homes as long as it’s located within your travel radius. Keep in mind, you make $5 extra per lesson for travelling so set your travel radius accordingly.

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How online lessons work

The Taylor Robinson Music “One click” Classroom is our powerful and easy-to-use live webcam platform. With just one click, you'll see and hear both you and your student immediately. We've also included neat tools like graphic voice pitch detectors, instrument tuners, metronomes, chord and scale charts, file sharing, and recording functions. It works right in your browser which means no software to download or install!


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  1. Be on time to all lessons and professional with all students.
  2. Never accept payment directly from any student (current or past) provided to me by Taylor Robinson Music.
  3. Give Taylor Robinson Music permission to run my criminal and sex offender background check.
  4. Work with Taylor Robinson Music as a 1099 independent contractor – This means Taylor Robinson Music will not be taking taxes out of my payments.
  5. Return calls and emails from my students and Taylor Robinson Music management within 48 hours.
  6. Hold Taylor Robinson Music harmless from all liability or from property lost or damaged during my lessons.
  7. Provide lessons for $20-$35 per hour (dependent on travel fees and bonus payments) as prescribed by the New Instructor Document.

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