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Ayrian G.

Ayrian G.

Student Favorite
Bakersfield, CA

Vocal Lessons

Studio - Webcam

10 Years

About Me
Hi my name is Ayrian and I am a vocal coach who helps singers develop their voices through exercising, technique, and coaching. I have been teaching privately for 10 years. My musical influences include gospel and musical theater. I also enjoy Jazz and Soul music. My teaching style can best be described as eclectic since every singer is at a different level so different methods are used with each singer. In my lessons, we will focus on ear training, and breaking habits. I primarily teach exercises to help with intonation, flexibility, dynamics, and articulation, but I also help my student prepare for auditions and work on stage presence. Thanks for taking a look at my profile. Hope to meet you soon!

Ayrian G. has over 10 years of music experience in the Bakersfield area.

Ayrian G. is proficient in and teaches Vocal Lessons .

Degree and Field of Study:

MS School Counseling June 2004
CSU, Bakersfield
BA Sociology with Minor in MusicJune 2002
CSU, Bakersfield

What to expect in my Vocal Lessons

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Each lesson will follow this format Warmups/Exercises, Song selection

Formal Education:

2004 MS School Counseling (CSUB) 2002 BA Sociology, Music Minor (CSUB)

Private Education:


Performing Experience:

I have performed onstage for artists, as well as in Musicals.

Experience Teaching:

Chavez Elementary Choir Activity Leader I teach students how to read music, notate, and play rhythm syllables. Students learn many folk and modern songs. Students also learn how to play the Recorder and Ukulele.
Age Group Taught:
  • Young Adult Adult Child
Genres Taught:
  • Blues
  • Christian
  • R&B
  • Gospel
Lessons Locations:
  • Teacher 's Studio
  • Webcam
Day Start Time End Time
  • Mon 10:00am 1:00pm
  • Tue 10:00am 1:00pm
  • Wed 10:00am 1:00pm
  • Thu 10:00am 1:00pm
  • Fri 10:00am 1:00pm
  • Sat off off
  • Sun off off
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